Analysis: Tennis Tech Ecosystem: Where we are heading

With Wimbledon, one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, starting on Monday, we thought we would go over the emerging technologies in the world of pro tennis. In the past few years, the world of tennis has evolved quite dramatically through the emergence of advanced technologies (Injury prevention [...]

Upside: The Connected Fitness Ecosystem: From Smart mirror, treadmill, Smart Rowing

Over the past 2 years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic a growing number of teams have started to adopt connected fitness products to enable their athletes to stay in shape remotely. We have seen a variety of connected fitness equipments from smart mirrors, treadmills, bikes to smart rowing products. Global [...]

How Tech is Transforming American Football: From AR/VR/MR, NFTs to drones, robots, holograms and more

American Football is one of the most popular sports in America. But it is also one of the most advanced sports leagues when it comes to emerging technologies. Before we get into some of the technologies used in the NFL, let’s start with the economics. In 2021, the NFL generated [...]

Smart Footwear Ecosystem Analysis: From smart insoles, smart socks…to smart shoes.

As we noted in our monthly March tech recap, the global “athletic footwear market” is estimated to be about $127.3 billion today. However, according to the same report, the market is only expected to grow at a 4.9% rate. For context, global airport operations are expected to grow at a [...]

Upside: Injury Risk Assessment Solutions Ecosystem (Key Trends, Vendors, Recommendations to Teams) Analysis

Over the last decade, injury risk assessment has become a major challenge for many pro teams and leagues. For example, as shown in the graph below, among US sports leagues, the cost of injuries has skyrocketed over the years and totaled $700M and $500M for the MLB and NFL, respectively, [...]

? ? November Recap: Sports Tech Startups Raised $405M. 88% Came from Metaverse startups. Nike Buys Metaverse Startup. Apple AR/VR Glasses Coming in 4Q22.

Dear Colleague, We had another busy month of November in the world of elite sports. December is off to a great start and it is a nice way to finish 2021 on a high note. In the world of soccer, the Major League Soccer (MLS) announced the 21 clubs that [...]

Upside Chat: Gagan Daga, Str8bat CEO (Leading Wearable Tech Startup)

This week we had the honor to interview Gagan Daga, CEO of Str8bat, a leading wearable tech startup for pro cricket teams. Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on his background, and his role at Str8bat. We also talked about his startup, his product, how it benefits [...]

Upside: HR/HRV Monitoring Market (Key vendors, Trends & Recommendations to Teams)

HR/HRV monitoring market: Key Players, Trends, Recommendations to Pro Teams With less than 10 leading HR/HRV monitoring vendors (Polar, Firstbeat, Suunto, Whoop..) in the market today, aside from GPS systems, HR/HRV monitoring systems have become one of the most common technologies used by pro teams today. Similar to GPS systems, [...]

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