NEW: Exclusive 2022 Upside AMS Vendors (Kitman Labs, Smartabase, Kinduct, etc.) Survey Report

Upside Global is pleased to release its 2022 AMS Monitoring Vendor Survey Which AMS (Athlete Management Systems) vendors (Kitman Labs, Fusion Sport/Smartabase, Kinduct, Apollo, MyCoach, etc.) are leading in terms of pricing affordability, quality of analytics, product quality, customer support and vision? The Upside surveyed 100 pro teams and leagues [...]

Upside Analysis: Issues with NFT Marketplaces. Solutions & Recommendations for Pro teams.

With an estimated $24.9B worth of NFTs sold in 2021, the NFT market is booming. That being said there has been a growing number of complains about NFT marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea..) where people are selling fake NFTs, or NFTs that do not belong to them. Some of those NFT marketplaces [...]

Upside: AMS Ecosystem Analysis: Key Trends, Vendors and Recommendations to Teams

AMS vendors market analysis: Key Players, Trends, Recommendations to Pro Teams AMS systems, also known as Athlete Management Systems, have become one of the most common types of technologies used by pro teams today. With 20+ AMS vendors out there the space has become extremely competitive and fragmented over the [...]

Upside Chat: Mohammad Ali Abbaspour, CEO, Sponixtech, Leading Immersive Replay Sports and Virtual Advertising Startup

  This week we had the honor to interview Mohammad Ali Abbaspour, CEO of Sponixtech, a leading sports-tech startup that build technologies for clubs, leagues and broadcasters, to enhance the fan experience and monetize content for right-holders. Here is a video illustrating Sponixtech’s immersive replay and virtual advertising [...]

? ? November Recap: Sports Tech Startups Raised $405M. 88% Came from Metaverse startups. Nike Buys Metaverse Startup. Apple AR/VR Glasses Coming in 4Q22.

Dear Colleague, We had another busy month of November in the world of elite sports. December is off to a great start and it is a nice way to finish 2021 on a high note. In the world of soccer, the Major League Soccer (MLS) announced the 21 clubs that [...]

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