Analysis: Tennis Tech Ecosystem: Where we are heading

With Wimbledon, one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, starting on Monday, we thought we would go over the emerging technologies in the world of pro tennis. In the past few years, the world of tennis has evolved quite dramatically through the emergence of advanced technologies (Injury prevention [...]

Upside: Video Analysis Vendor Ecosystem Market (Key vendors, Trends & Recommendations to Teams)

With 32% of teams looking to invest in a video analysis tool, according to our 2020 Upside survey, video analysis systems (Second Spectrum, Hudl, Stats Perform, SkillCorner, Footovision..) have become one of the most common technologies used by pro teams today, along side of GPS, HR, AMS systems. Video analysis [...]

May Recap: Nike Sells NFT Sneakers for $134k. LaLiga, UEFA, Rafael Nadal Academy, Valentino Rossi, Under Armour, Enter the Metaverse. $632M Raised From Sports Tech Startups.

Dear Colleague, May was another busy month in the world of elite sports. In the world of soccer, Kylian Mbappé was one of the most talked about topic this month. Mbappé ended up renewing its contract with PSG for the next three seasons through the end of the 2025. According [...]

Upside: eSport Analysis: Key Trends, Vendors, Recommendations to Teams. Looking back at the past 2 years.

Two years ago there was a lot of excitement about the eSports market with many pro teams (e.g. soccer clubs, basketball teams, etc..) launching their esports teams. So what is the state of the esports market today? Are pro teams still focused on the world of esports? This is what [...]

Smart Footwear Ecosystem Analysis: From smart insoles, smart socks…to smart shoes.

As we noted in our monthly March tech recap, the global “athletic footwear market” is estimated to be about $127.3 billion today. However, according to the same report, the market is only expected to grow at a 4.9% rate. For context, global airport operations are expected to grow at a [...]

March Recap: The LA Rams (NFL), the MLS, Ronaldinho enter the Metaverse. Latest innovation? EEG Helmet. $825M Raised In Sports Tech.

Dear Colleague, March was another busy month in the world of elite sports, and the month of April is off to a great start. In the world of soccer, with the 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup just a few months away, the Group Stage is now officially set. The World [...]

The Sports Wearables Market: Where we are heading.

In the past few years, the world of sports has seen the emergence of a new wave of advanced wearables such as smart patches that can measure hydration or electrolyte, level, smartwatch that can measure blood pressure, or even contactless biosensors capable of measuring HR, blood pressure, sleep quality without [...]

NEW: Exclusive 2022 Upside AMS Vendors (Kitman Labs, Smartabase, Kinduct, etc.) Survey Report

Upside Global is pleased to release its 2022 AMS Monitoring Vendor Survey Which AMS (Athlete Management Systems) vendors (Kitman Labs, Fusion Sport/Smartabase, Kinduct, Apollo, MyCoach, etc.) are leading in terms of pricing affordability, quality of analytics, product quality, customer support and vision? The Upside surveyed 100 pro teams and leagues [...]

Upside Analysis: Issues with NFT Marketplaces. Solutions & Recommendations for Pro teams.

With an estimated $24.9B worth of NFTs sold in 2021, the NFT market is booming. That being said there has been a growing number of complains about NFT marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea..) where people are selling fake NFTs, or NFTs that do not belong to them. Some of those NFT marketplaces [...]

Upside Recap: The Best Wearables & Olympian Michael Phelps’ Keynote at HIMSS (Orlando FL)

Last week we attended HIMSS a leading tech health conference in Orlando Florida. The tech conference was packed with 50,000 attendees. Amazingly enough, 95% of the attendees were not wearing a mask so there was a feeling of optimism at the show. We had a chance to talk to many [...]

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