Upside: eSport Analysis: Key Trends, Vendors, Recommendations to Teams. Looking back at the past 2 years.

Two years ago there was a lot of excitement about the eSports market with many pro teams (e.g. soccer clubs, basketball teams, etc..) launching their esports teams. So what is the state of the esports market today? Are pro teams still focused on the world of esports? This is what [...]

⌚ ⚽ ? Beckham Enters Esport. Ronaldo Breaks Record. Lebron Raises $100M. Contactless Biosensor Gets FDA Approval.

Dear Friends and Members, Last week Liverpool FC won its first Premier League title in 30 years. The Major League Baseball (MLB) also officially unveiled its 2020 campaign plans with the competition set to begin on 23 July under a proposed 60-game regular season schedule. The F1 is also scheduled [...]

?Upside Video Chat: Marc Rowley, CEO of Live CGI

This week we had the honor to interview Marc Rowley, CEO of Live CGI, which recently built the NBA 2K League’s virtual studio. Marc also worked for ESPN for 18+ years where he built cutting edge technologies (AR, VR..). ?Show Notes: Throughout our conversation, we touched on his background, how [...]

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