A systematic search was performed of online databases for any Achilles tendon (AT) injuries occurring within the National
Basketball Association (NBA). Video was obtained of injuries occurring during competition and downloaded for analysis in
Dartfish. NBA athletes (n = 27) were identified with AT rupture over a 30-year period (1991–2021). Of the 27 NBA athletes
found to have AT ruptures (mean age: 29.3 [3.3] y; average time in the NBA: 8.5 [3.8] y), 15 in-game videos were obtained for
analysis. Noncontact rupture was presumed to have occurred in 12/13 cases. Eight of the 13 athletes had possession of the ball
during time of injury. The ankle joint of the injured limb for all 13 athletes was in a dorsiflexed position during the time of injury
(47.9° [6.5°]). All 13 athletes performed a false-step mechanism at time of injury where they initiated the movement by taking a
rearward step posterior to their center of mass with the injured limb before translating forward. NBA basketball players that
suffered AT ruptures appeared to present with a distinct sequence of events, including initiating a false step with ankle
dorsiflexion of the injured limb at the time of injury