Peter Zeblisky,*† BS, Andrew P. Collins,† BS, Joshua Cassinat,† BS, Joel Riemenschneider,‡ DPT,
Pierce Ebaugh,‡ DO, Mohamed K. Shaath,† MD, and Benjamin C. Service,†§ MD
Investigation performed at Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute, Orlando, Florida, USA
Background: In the National Basketball Association (NBA), lower extremity injuries account for over 70% of games missed, with
ankle injuries being the most common. High-quality video analysis has been successful for studying injury mechanism.
Purpose: To (1) determine the validity of video-based analysis as a method to evaluate ankle injury mechanisms in NBA players
and (2) analyze the circumstances associated with injury, games missed due to injury, and associated costs in player salary due to
time missed.
Study Design: Case series; Level of evidence, 4.