Upside Chat: Carlos Olguin, CEO of LogicInk, A Leading Wellbeing Biosensor Company for everyone, On the future of Wearables & Electrolyte/Hydration Assessment.

This week we have the honor to interview Carlos Olguin, the CEO of LogicInk a leading wellbeing biosensor company for everyone. Powered by programmable chemistry and biology, LogicInk is a San Francisco-based company developing biosensors called Signals. LogicInk Signals come in two form factors. In one case they can [...]

Upside Chat: Greg Bonnier, VP, Helight (Leading Red Light Therapy Device Company)

This week, we had the honor to interview Greg Bonnier, the VP of Helight a leading sleep tech company in Montreal. Helight’s second product is a sleep aid device that can emit a pure 630 nanometer wavelength. It has an effect on users’ sleep quality, falling asleep, relaxation, sleep inertia (the feeling of fatigue [...]

Upside Chat: Dr Brian Moore, CEO, Orreco (Leading Sports & Data Science Platform)

This week, we had the honor to Dr Brian Moore, the CEO of Orreco, a leading Sports & Data Science Platform, which is blending Data Science and Sports Science to generate customized indicators of injury risk, optimal training load and recovery strategies. Orreco also recently launched a new [...]

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