Upside Chat: Sean Harrington, Notemeal CEO (Online platform for nutritionists and dietitians)

This week we had the honor to interview Sean Harrington, CEO of Notemeal, a leading online platform for nutritionists and dietitians. Notemeal currently has 215 nutritionists and 10,000+ athletes on its platform and works with 50 pro teams (NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Olympic teams..). The company was recently [...]

Upside Chat: David Rose & Emma Barraclough, Top Execs at Chelsea Digital Ventures

This week we had the honor to interview David Rose and Emma Barraclough, top executives of Chelsea Digital Ventures. David is the head of Chelsea Digital Ventures, and Emma is a Product owner for Blue Fuel, an elite sports nutrition company, developed with Chelsea FC. ? Show Notes: [...]

Upside Chat: Mark French, X2 Performance CEO

This week we had the honor to interview Mark French, CEO of X2 Performance. Mark is also a serial entrepreneur. ?Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on his background as a serial entrepreneur (NBC Universal, Court Grip, Mission, X2 Performance), his company X2 Performance, as well as [...]

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